Our culture

Since our establishment in 1937, we have grown into an international trading company that supplies seed potatoes of the highest and constant quality. Still, we’re only at the beginning. The ambition to continuously improve our potato varieties is in our DNA and we will always keep them. What binds us together is the way we work together on a daily basis, our culture.

Core values


Together we go for the highest possible result. This applies not only to our seed potatoes but also to our connections. We believe that a good product starts with a good relationship.


By responding to the wishes of producer, customer and consumer, we can optimize our potato varieties for local conditions. This is how we achieve the best results.


We are open, honest and always developing. By listening to each other, we give room for improvement and offer producer, customer and consumer the most connecting and sustainable potato.


We are happy to go for the extra mile. Not because you have to, but because we can. We bring out the best in each other so that everyone can do their job well and with pleasure.


We do what we say and say what we do, stand with both feet on the ground, love a joke and have a great dose of relativism.

Den Hartigh Potato Planten Proefveld
King Russet Potato Flower Blooming