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Quality seed potatoes

Den Hartigh creates, produces and sells potatoes worldwide. Since our start in 1937 we have grown to be a trading house that supplies the highest quality seed potatoes. Within our breeding company we daily work on the development of new varieties. Resistances are an important selection criterion. With these new varieties we can provide our clients the best solutions for every possible climate or region. This is our contribution to the global increasing demand for food.

Our potato

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Aardappel King Russet Den Hartigh Gesneden Knol


French fries potato

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Aardappel Gaya Den Hartigh Gesneden Knol


Consumption potato

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Aardappel Labella Den Hartigh Gesneden Knol


Biological, crisps, consumption and French fries potato

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Latest updates

Curious about the latest updates from the potato world of Den Hartigh? Watch, listen, read and follow the latest news. Here you will find important developments of our potato varieties, information about producers and consumers, the seasons and our organization.

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