Innovation and development

Potatoes are among the most important food crops in the world. Global demand is increasing. This growing demand, the changing of climatic conditions and the diverse wishes of producer and consumer are the basis for our breeding. Through project-based cooperation with universities, research institutes and other breeding companies, we continue to innovate and develop our breeding and selection methods.

High-quality potato varieties

Den Hartigh is synonymous with quality. Within our breeding company we work intensively on daily research and development of new potato varieties. Our breeding program has five important basic elements:

High yield under all conditions
Suitable for a wide range of climates and soil types
Resistant to diseases and pests
Rich nutritional values
Easy to grow

The wishes of producer and consumer form our starting point: for every local market the best and most suitable potato variety.

Den Hartigh Potato Harvest Trial Field
Den Hartigh Potato Research Kiemplantjes


IJsselmeerpolders is located in Emmeloord. In the greenhouse and on the field, the breeding company works daily on the development and research into innovative new potato varieties. We also work together with private breeders and use modern breeding techniques.

We collect and create genetic variation, organize trials and propagate seedlings that belong to our selection. In our laboratory we determine important cultivation properties such as the cooking quality of consumer potatoes and the frying quality of crisp and french fries varieties. We also conduct intensive research into resistances and diseases. Every year we include our new promising varieties in various test fields, nearby and far away from Emmeloord.

Breeding goals

IJsselmeerpolders continuously develops varieties with improved cultivation characteristics. This is how we can meet the needs of the local market. We go for the highest quality and return for the producer. Disease and pests have a great influence on yield. Growing resistant potato varieties is therefore an important breeding goal. Our range of varieties can be described as high yielding in combination with goof resistances against diseases:

We develop potato varieties through classic breeding methods. A genetically modified organism (GMO) is any organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. We do not use Genetic engineering techniques or varieties that originate from GMO.

Den Hartigh Potato Kruisen