We know what is important in our markets. Within the alliance with our sister companies of SAKA Holding, eight foreign branches provide first point of contact with the market outlets. Add to this the extensive network of agents in more than 40 countries and DEN HARTIGH knows exactly what the latest developments in the local markets are. It enables us to provide our customers with appropriate advice and to develop varieties that meet market demands.

Potato varieties adapted to the requirements
DEN HARTIGH knows what the consumer expects from potatoes and potato products on a global basis. This is a result of the good relationship with global suppliers and our many years of experience. You will discover this in our potato varieties. 

Customised delivery
Ask DEN HARTIGH for the delivery options. Small quantities or irregular packages are possible. Depending on the destination, distribution takes place under fully air-conditioned circumstances. Our potato distribution is arranged in a way that allows us to respond to your requirements quickly and flexibly. 

Terms & Conditions
The Trading Conditions of Den Hartigh BV are here to read: English  |  German  |  French  |  Spanish

New Varieties


King Russet is a medium early French fries variety with white flesh and Russet skin. King Russet has regular long-oval tubers. It has excellent characteristics for early processing, but also very suitable for processing after storage.

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Prada is a very early high yielding table potato, with a very smooth bright yellow skin and light yellow flesh. Resistant against nematodes Ro1,4 and partial resistant to potatocyst nematode Globodera pallida pathotype 2.

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