Ultra is a medium early variety with large sized long oval tubers with light yellow skin and flesh colour. Very suitable for areas around the Mediterranean sea. Good scab and late blight resistance. Prefers growing on light soil types. Suitable for long term storage.

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Potato specification
Maturity: mid-early
Skin color: yellow
Flesh color: light yellow
Shape: long-oval
Market: Consumption

New Varieties


King Russet is a medium early French fries variety with white flesh and Russet skin. King Russet has regular long-oval tubers. It has excellent characteristics for early processing, but also very suitable for processing after storage.

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Prada is a very early high yielding table potato, with a very smooth bright yellow skin and light yellow flesh. Resistant against nematodes Ro1,4 and partial resistant to potatocyst nematode Globodera pallida pathotype 2.

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