Aardappel Ultra Den Hartigh Gesneden Knol
Medium early variety
High yielding, big size tubers
Suitable for long storage
Suitable for areas around the Mediterranean sea

Potato variety Ultra

Ultra is a medium early table and export variety and has a yellow skin color, a pale yellow flesh color and large long-oval tubers. Ultra is performs well, especially on sandy soils and areas around the Mediterranean. This variety has a very high yield, has an above-average resistance to scab and is suitable for long-term storage.

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The planting distance for Ultra size 28/35 is 21 to 23 centimeters. For size 35/50 this is 27 to 29 centimeters. We also recommend this planting distance for 50/60 cut seed potatoes. Always count the tubers and apply a closer planting distance for heavier soils.

Ultra is not suitable for heavy clay soils. For best results, plant the tubers in the white sprouts stage. Ultra is sensitive to Metribuzin (Sencor). We recommend to apply well before emergence and to use a low dose.

At 80% emergence you start spraying against phytophthora. The second N fertilizer application is adviced around tuberset. Avoid scab by starting irrigation in time and start spraying preventively against alternaria. Ultra has no problems with haulm killing.

Wait until the skin has matured before harvesting. Harvest carefully to avoid damage, bruising and storage problems. After harvesting, provide good ventilation during storage until the potatoes are dry.



Skin colour Yellow
Flesh colour Pale yellow
Tuber shape Oval to long-oval
Tuber shape uniformity 6
% 35/65 42%
Tuber per plant 10
Eye depth 8
Maturity 6.2
Dormancy 8
Storability 8
Bruising index (0-50) 9
Mechanical damage 8

Yield – Quality


Relative yield 90
Dry matter content (UWW) 21.2 (390)
Cooking type BC
After cooking discoloration 8
Frying colour after harvest 7
Frying colour after storage 7



Foliage blight 2.1
Tuber blight 9
Common scab 6.4
Powdery scab 4
Globodera Ro 1 (A) 9
Wart disease f1 (D1) 10
Spraing (TRV) 6.3
Virus Y 6.4
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