Aardappel Papageno Den Hartigh Gesneden Knol
Medium late crisps variety
Uniform grading and shape
Good resistance against PVY
Strong against internal defects
PCN resitance (Ro1, Pa2 and Pa3)
Wart resistance (f1)

Potato variety Papageno

Papageno is a crisps variety with yellow skin and yellow flesh. This variety has a high tubercount and is resistant to Globodera Pa2 and Pa3. Papageno has a good resistance to PVY and internal defects and is very uniform in size and shape.

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The planting distance for size 28/35 is 25 to 27 centimeters. For size 35/50, a distance of 30 to 32 centimeters is adviced. We also recommend this planting distance for the 50/60 cut seed.  Always count the tubers and keep in mind that heavier soils require a closer planting distance.

Plant Papageno in the white sprouts stage at usual depth for best results. Build the ridges well. Spraying against weed is advised before emergence.

At 80% emergence, start spraying against late blight. Check the size of the tubers at the end of the season before haulm killing

After haulm killing, allow tuber skin to mature in the field before harvesting. Harvest carefully to avoid mechanical damage, bruising and storage problems. Cool down Papageno gradually to 7°C. Check the frying colour (reducing sugars) regularly during storage. Warm up the product gradually up to 12 to 15°C before transport .



Skin colour Yellow
Flesh colour Yellow
Tuber shape Round to round oval
Tuber shape uniformity 7
% 50+ 86%
Tuber per plant 17
Eye depth 6
Maturity 5
Dormancy 8
Storability 6
Bruising index (0-50) 13
Hollow hearts 9

Yield – Quality


Relative yield 96
Dry matter content (UWW) 23,5% (437)
Cooking type B
After cooking discoloration 5
Frying colour after cooking 8
Frying colour after harvest 8



Foliage blight 6
Scab 6,1
Powdery scab 7
Globodera Ro 1 (A) 9
Globodera Pa 2 (D) 8
Globodera Pa 3 (E) 8
Wart disease 1 (D1) 10
Spraing (TRV) 9
Virus Y 7
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