King Russet

Aardappel King Russet Den Hartigh Gesneden Knol
Medium early, white flesh
QSR quality
Good storable
PCN resistance (Ro1, Ro2/3, PA2 and Pa3)
Wart resistance (f1 and f6)
Good tolerence to internal defects

Potato variety King Russet

King Russet is a medium early French fries variety with white flesh that is very suitable for QSR (Quick Service Restaurants). The long-oval tubers with brown russet skin are ideal for processing early in season as well as processing after long-term storage. In addition, the variety has a high dry matter content on all soils and is resistant to potato cyst nematodes (PCN): A (9), BC (9), D (9) and E (9). The King Russet tuber is wart 1 and 6 resistant, strong against scab and internal defects.

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The planting distance for size 28/35 is 22 to 24 centimeters. For size 35/50 this is 30 to 32 centimeters. We also recommend this planting distance for 50/60 cut seed potatoes. Always count the tubers and keep in mind that heavier soils require a closer planting distance.

King Russet has a medium to long dormancy and should not be stored below 5°C. Warm up King Russet sufficiently before planting, remove the top sprout and plant at the white sprouts stage. It is important to treat both the soil and the tuber against Rhizoctonia. King Russet has a low tuber number and should be planted narrow and about 0 to 2 cm below the surface.

A nitrogen application of 300 kilos (including soil stock) can be applied in two or three gifts, with 50% given at the start. Boron and Manganese (MnSO4) can be applied with the first Phytophthora spraying moment. Magnesium (MgSO4) and Potassium (K2O) can be applied around the tuberization, as well as a second Nitrogen application. Spraying against tuber blight is desirable from the beginning of August.

Haulm killing can be done when the crop has matured sufficiently, the underwater weight is high enough and the soil temperature is not too high or low. During long storage  ventilation is required and cool down gradually to 6.0-6.5°C. Before transport gradually warming up to 12-15°C.



Skin colour Brown
Flesh colour White
Tuber shape Long oval
Tuber shape uniformity 7
% 50+ 87%
Tubers per plant 7
Eye depth 8
Maturity 6,2
Dormancy 7
Storability 7
Bruising index (0-50) 9
Mechanical damage 7
Hollow hearts 8

Yield – Quality


Relative yield 99
Dry matter content (UWW) 22,8% (423)
Cooking type BC
After cooking discoloration 6
Frying colour after harvest 8
Frying colour after storage 8



Foliage blight 6,1
Tuber blight 9
Common scab 7,8
Powdery scab 8
Globodera Ro 1 (A) 9
Globodera Ro 23 (BC) 9
Globodera Pa 2 (D) 9
Globodera Pa 3 (E) 9
Wart disease f1 (D1) 10
Wart disease f6 (O1) 8
Wart disease f18 (T1) 6
Spraing (TRV) 7,2
Virus Y 5
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