Aardappel Granola Den Hartigh Gesneden Knol
Medium late yellow flesh table variety
High yielding
Suitable for growing at higher altitudes
Strong against common scab

Potato variety Granola

Granola is a medium late table variety with yellow flesh and skin and has excellent storage properties. The table variety has a high yield, is highly resistant to virus, scab and wart diseases 1 and 6. Granola is also extremely suitable for growth at higher altitudes.

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The planting distance for size 28/35 is 25 to 27 centimeters. For the size 35/50, a distance of 30 to 32 centimeters applies. We also recommend this size for 50/60 cut seed potatoes. Always count the tubers and keep in mind that heavier soils to maintain a closer planting distance.

Granola requires little nitrogen. You plant this potato variety at normal depth in the back and not on too heavy soils.

Granola has good leaf development and provides sufficient foliage. Under normal circumstances, a second application of fertilizers is not necessary. The consumption variety contains good resistance to Phytophthora. Nevertheless, we recommend spraying preventively.

We advise to be careful with mother tubers if they are not yet sufficiently digested. We also recommend protecting Granola potatoes from damage during harvest.



Skin colour Yellow
Flesh colour Yellow
Tuber shape Round oval to oval
Tuber shape uniformity 7
% 35/65 88%
Tubers per plant 13
Eye depth 7
Maturity 6,1
Dormancy 8
Storability 8
Bruising index (0-50) 11
Mechanical damage 8

Yield – Quality


Relative yield 106
Dry matter content (UWW) 20 (366)
Cooking type B
After cooking discoloration 6
Frying colour after harvest 3
Frying colour after storage 4



Foliage blight 7
Tuber blight 6
Common scab 6,9
Powdery scab 7
Globodera Ro 1 (A) 9
Spraing (TRV) 9
Virus Y 8
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