Medium early
High yield and good storability
Good results under dry conditions
Strong against PVY
PCN resistance (Ro1)
Wart resistance (f1)

Potato variety Edison

Edison is a French fry variety with yellow skin and light yellow flesh. This variety grows well under dry and heat conditions and produces longoval tubers. Edison is an excellent French fries variety, but is also suitable for the table market. Edison has a good storability.

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The planting distance for Edison size 28/35 is 23 to 25 centimeter. For size 35/50 the distance is 31 to 33 cm.  This is also advised for 50/60 cut seed. Always count the tubers and be aware that heavier soils need narrower spacing.

Edison should be planted 2 cm below the surface. Don’t plant too early! Planting Edison in the small white sprout stage gives the best result. Always use tuber/soil treatment against Rhizoctonia. Edison is light sensitive to Metribuzin.

Start with preventive spraying against Phytophthora at 80% emergence. We advise a second application of N fertilizer around tuberization. Start with preventive spraying against Alternaria in time.

After haulm killing, allow tuber skin to mature in the field before harvesting. Edison is slightly susceptible to bruising. After harvesting, ensure good ventilation during storage until the potatoes are dry. During long-term storage, ventilate regularly and cool gradually down to 6-7°C. Before transport gradually warming up to 12-15°C.



Skin colour Yellow
Flesh colour Light yellow
Tuber shape Long-oval
Tuber shape uniformity 7
% 50+ 85%
Tuber per plant 13
Eye depth 7
Maturity 6,1
Dormancy 8
Storability 7
Bruising index (0-50) 8
Mechanical damage 6
Hollow hearts 8

Yield – Quality


Relative yield 117
Dry matter content (UWW) 21,4% (395)
Cooking type B
After cooking discoloration 6
Frying colour after harvest 8
Frying colour after storage 8



Foliage blight 4,8
Tuber blight 6
Common scab 7
Powdery scab 9
Globodera Ro1 (A) 9
Wart disease 1 (D1) 10
Spraing (TRV) 7
Virus Y 7,5

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