Aardappel Connect Den Hartigh Gesneden Knol
Medium late yellow flesh variety
High yielding
Resistence to Phytophthora
Resistence to Virus Y
Low input
Strong against scab

Potato variety Connect

Connect is a yellow flesh medium late table variety. The variety has a high yield, good resistance to potato virus Y and scab and is highly resistant to Phytophthora, both in the foliage and in the tuber. This makes Connect suitable for organic cultivation.

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The planting distance for the potato variety Connect size 28/35 is 26 to 28 centimeters. For size 35/50, a planting distance of 33 to 35 centimeters is advised. We also recommend this planting distance for 50/60 cut seed potatoes. Always count the tubers and keep in mind that heavier soils require a closer planting distance.

The strong phytophthora resistance makes Connect suitable for organic cultivation. In the conventional cultivation, later in the season a treatment against Phytophthora can be useful when in the rare situation late blight starts to appear. You only irrigate the potato when necessary. Connect has a very fast emergence, initial development and soil coverage. A second fertilizer application is not necessary under normal circumstances.

We recommend to check the size before haulm killing. Do not harvest before the skin is fully matured. After harvesting, ensure rapid drying and good ventilation during storage. Cool the product gradually.



Skin colour Yellow
Flesh colour Yellow
Tuber shape Round oval to oval
Tuber shape uniformity 6
% 35/65 79%
Tubers per plant 13
Eye depth 7
Maturity 5,5
Dormancy 8
Storability 7
Bruising index (0-50) 6
Mechancial damage 7

Yield – Quality


Relative Yield 115
Dry matter content (OWW) 20,9 (385)
Cooking type BC
After cooking discoloration 5
Frying colour after harvest 4
Frying colour after storage 4



Foliage blight 8,6
Tuber blight 9,1
Common scab 7
Powdery scab 7
Wart disease  f1 (D1) 10
Spraing (TRV) 8,1
Virus Y 9
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