Potato cyst nematodes

Resistances and diseases: potato cyst nematodes

Den Hartigh sells a wide range of potato varieties. Through years of knowledge of and experience in various markets, we know the most important properties. In addition to yield, resistances to diseases and pests are also an important starting point. In our breeding program, crossing such resistances into new seedlings is one of the objectives.

Resistances by market

For the organic market, Den Hartigh has developed potato varieties with resistance to Phytophthora, for the export market strongly common scab resistant varieties with a high yield and for the French fries market varieties that have good resistances against potato cyst nematodes, wart and tobacco rattle virus. The newly developed varieties are strong against virus Y, which is appreciated by our seed producers.


Potato cyst nematodes

Potato cyst nematodes can be found in potato growing areas with a mild climate. The root system of the potato plant is damaged. In potato cultivation, this leads to lower yields.

Globodera rostochiensis and Globodera pallida

Two types of the potato cyst nematode are known: Globodera rostochiensis and Globodera pallida. Both can be divided into  subspecies. For Globodera rostochiensis this is Ro1, Ro2/3, Ro4 and Ro5 and for Globodera pallida Pa2 and Pa3. Most of our varieties are resistant to Ro1 and Ro4. Gaya, King Russet and Masai are resistant to Ro2/3. King Russet and Masai are resistant to Ro5. In Globodera pallida, the resistance level is represented by relative susceptibility. The maximum propagation of Pa2 and/or Pa3 on the variety in question is considered compared to a susceptible standard variety. Figures 1 to 9 reflect susceptibility, with 1 being very susceptible and 9 stands for highly resistant. Our variety portfolio contains (partly) resistant potato varieties against Pa2 and/or Pa3. King Russet (9), Amanda (8), Forza (8) are resistant to Pa2 and Lanorma (6), Laperla (6) and Prada (6) in part. Pa3 resistant breeds are King Russet (9), Forza (9) and Amanda (9).

Den Hartigh Potato King Russet Field